Monday, September 6, 2021

The Attractions of Bukit Teletubbies Luwuk Manado

Manado is the capital of North Sulawesi Province besides being famous for its spicy culinary, in fact this city also has various tourist destinations that are still untouched by human hands. In Manado, the natural panorama offered looks amazing, which is dominated by natural attractions.

One of the tourism objects that will be developed is Teletubbies Hill in Kinunang Village and Komang Island in Kalinaun Village, both of which are included in the East Likupang sub-district.

If you're a person born in the late 90's you probably understand the Teletubbies kids show. You know that these 4 friends live in an underground house which is surrounded by hills. So it is with the place we are talking about today.

Dubbed as Teletubbies Hill because the place has similarities. If you visit this place as far as the eye can see, you will see a beautiful expanse of green that spoils the eyes. In this unspoiled and beautiful place, you will find weeds growing like a green carpet that stretches out.

The air in this area is quite cold. The wind that flows from the mountains and also the surrounding hills brings fine dew drops that keep Teletubbies Hill fresh. You can enjoy the mountain air freely in a fairly large area. The distinctive aroma of the mountains will certainly bring you to remember interesting things throughout your visit.

Supported by the area that is still not full of vehicles, the freshness of the air in the hills is certainly not in doubt. You can freely breathe air without worrying about smoke or pollution that interferes with breathing. In addition, this area is also full of green plants, so the oxygen produced is quite high and of course good for health.

Among the hills that are flattened by green grass, you can see a tree standing tall in the middle of the hill. Of course this becomes strange because there are no other trees around it. Some residents gave the name of this tree with the single tree. This is because this tree appears alone without a partner and friends.

Some tourists consider the existence of this tree to be unique and quite interesting. Instead of disturbing the view, this single tree is quite popular with tourists to take pictures or take shelter when it is hot during the day. The size of this tree is quite high, but only a few people can be shaded by this tree.

There are no adequate facilities in this area because it is still quite new. Therefore, you must bring your own equipment that you want to use when you are at Teletubbies Hill. Its location which is quite far from residential areas also makes access to facilities more difficult. You have to walk to the settlements to reach the facilities you want.

Teletubbies Hill can indeed be used as an economical tourist destination for those in the Luwuk area, Central Sulawesi. The green hills here are very worthy to be immortalized in the form of photos. So, this tour can be your list of tourist destinations.

If you visit North Sulawesi, try to visit this destination. The journey from Manado City - Likupang takes approximately 2 hours. To arrive at Pulisan Hill, you need to take a small boat or called katingting by the local community by only paying Rp. 20,000/person.


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