Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The Exotic Desert and Hills in the Pelawan Namang Desert

Bangka Island is the ninth largest island in Indonesia. Belitung Island, which is the twin of Bangka Island, was already famous thanks to Andrea Hirata's best-selling novel entitled Laskar Pelangi. The combination of these two islands forms a province; namely Bangka Belitung Province which has been established since 2000, with Pangkal Pinang as its capital.

Like its sister island, Bangka Island also has many spectacular beach destinations. Massive granite rocks have become a striking feature of the island's beaches. The beaches are unspoiled and far from the crowds are also suitable as a place to release your tiredness and stress. In addition to the beach, Bangka Island also has Kaolin Lake. This lake is a former tin mine that has a very beautiful and exotic blue color.

In addition to the well-known beach and kaolin lake tourist destinations, Bangka Island also has other tourist destinations that are no less beautiful. One of them is the Pemlawan Namang Desert. This tourist spot is again a former mining activity on Bangka Island. The Pelawan Hills and Deserts in Namang Village have recently become an interesting new tourist destination to visit. The location of the hills that blend with the desert is located about 800 m from the coordinates of the Pelawan Forest. The hot sun shining on Bangka Island adds to the exoticism of this place and makes it similar to the Atacama Desert in Chile.

Initially this tourist spot was a former unconventional mining site in Namang, which was then abandoned after its mineral wealth was exhausted. Over time, this place then turned into a desert and brown rock hills. The scenery presented by this tourist spot is in the form of a vast expanse of land that forms and resembles a desert.

There are also several small lakes around the desert whose water is very clear. The rock hills in this tourist location are a mixture of sand mounds mixed with hardened clay. Because it is mixed with clay, the mound is red-brown in color.

The location of the Pelawan Desert is in Namang District, Central Bangka Regency, Bangka Belitung Province. It's quite far from the airport, because from there you still have to travel for approximately 50 minutes to get to the Pelawan Desert. After leaving the airport area, you must continue your journey to Jl. Pulau Pelepas then turn left onto Jalan Mininfo. Until you reach the intersection you have to take the direction to Jalan Pangkal Pinang – Namang until you finally find a clue to the Pelawan Desert.

When you first arrive in the Pelawan Desert, you will immediately be presented with a view of a vast expanse of land with a shape that resembles a desert plus several small lakes with clear water around it. There are several mounds of sand mixed with clay that have hardened and form hills that are quite unique so that they add to the exotic impression of the scenery. Because it is mixed with clay, the mounds are brownish red which makes them look even more beautiful.

The many beautiful landscapes in the Pelawan Desert make you obliged to prepare a large storage memory so that you can accommodate all your best photos. In addition, also prepare sunglasses, hats, or umbrellas when you want to visit the Pelawan Desert. Because like a desert in general, the weather in the Pelawan Desert is also very hot, especially during the dry season. Using sunblock can also be an option to protect your skin from sun exposure.


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