Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Fort Belgica Indonesian Historical Heritage in Ambon

Maluku is a province that covers the southern part of the Maluku Islands, Indonesia. The province is bordered by the Seram Sea to the north, the Indian Ocean and the Arafura Sea to the south, Papua to the east, and Sulawesi to the west. The capital and largest city is the city of Ambon. Maluku Province is ranked 28th province by population in Indonesia, where in 2020, the population of Maluku province is 1,848,923 people.

Maluku is one of the provinces in Indonesia which is famous for its natural beauty. This area with a time zone of two hours faster than Jakarta saves various destinations that are still very natural. Just like other regions in Indonesia, Ambon also has its own historical story with the presence of the Portuguese who were looking for spices typical of the archipelago. At that time, spices were indeed the main crop of the country which was most sought after by other nations from all over the world, including the Portuguese.

You can find remnants of the glory of the Portuguese in Ambon during the reign of General Pieter Both by visiting the Belgica Fort, The Indonesian Pentagon. If you are a lover of historical tourism, be sure to immediately prepare a plane ticket to Ambon to visit this one fort.

Belgica Fort was originally a fort built by the Portuguese in the 16th century on Naira Island, Maluku. Long after that, at the location of the Portuguese fort, a fort was rebuilt by the VOC on the orders of the Governor-General Pieter Both on September 4, 1611. The fort was later named Fort Belgica, so that at that time, there were two forts on Neira Island, namely; Fort Belgica and Fort Nassau. This fort was built with the aim of facing the resistance of the Banda people who opposed the monopoly of the nutmeg trade by the VOC.

Visiting Belgica Fort feels as if time is stretched back, when the turmoil of resistance and defense occurs in the spice land. Its obsolete form, neglected, peeling paint, damaged floors, mossy walls, so that no restoration has been carried out is very unfortunate for every tourist who sets foot in this fort. Even though it is now obsolete due to disrepair, Belgica Fortress still has a charm that will never fade. Because with its current condition, Belgica Fort is increasingly exotic and suitable as a beautiful photo background or just a photo object.

Fort Belgica began to be unused and abandoned in 1995. In addition to its history and exoticism, Fort Belgica still keeps its other features, the fort which is located at an altitude of 30 meters above sea level also has a box-like shape when viewed from a distance. To get into it, visitors must take steps on the stairs. However, for those of you who haven't had the chance to visit the Belgica Fort, you can see it first on the Rp1,000 bill edition of the main image of Tjut Meutia.


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