Saturday, August 21, 2021

The Beauty of the Hills of Dreams of Jambi

Tourist destinations in Jambi are even one of the best and most comprehensive on the island of Sumatra. Want to explore nature reserves, beaches, waterfalls and even Instagenic lakes, almost everything you can see in Jambi. It is not wrong if many people start to make this province which is located on the east coast in the middle of Sumatra Island as one of the favorite tourist destinations.

Dream Hill Tourism is one of the artificial tourist attractions located at Puncak (Full River), Kerinci. The peak is on the road to West Sumatra, not far from the center of Sungai Penuh City. Dream Hill is perfect for learning Instagramable and contemporary photos. Of course with family, relatives, and loved ones, because the scenery here is very beautiful. Its beauty, which is viral on social media, makes tourism lovers even more interested in visiting this tourist attraction.

Bukit Impian is one of the tourist destinations in Kerinci Regency which has been visited by tourists for the past year. Still related to nature, this place is also suitable for those of you who like photography. From a height, you will be presented with stunning natural views of the Kerinci area. You also have to be careful especially if you bring small children because it is directly adjacent to the ravine.

In addition, this tourist park has also provided special spots for taking pictures, including photo spots for butterflies and hot air balloons. This is the main attraction for the Dream Hill. Moreover, you will have no trouble finding or reaching access to this one tourist park. Because the location is on the side of the road in the Puncak Sungai Penuh area, which is 7 km from the city center.

Travel to Bukit Impian is indeed quite far from the center of Jambi City. However, you can transit first at Sungai Penuh to continue the journey for about 30 meters to Bukit Impian. Access to travel to Bukit Impian can be reached comfortably because the road conditions are smooth paved for private vehicles.

From a height of 1,500 meters above sea level, friends can enjoy the color combination of green hills with bright blue skies. The tourists will not be reluctant to spend a long time enjoying the beauty of the panorama. The view above the Dream Hill is also known as the land above the clouds because the hilly area will be covered with white clouds like the ocean.

If you are lucky to get a place in the gazebo area, friends can also have a short picnic with family. Some snacks and hot tea or coffee you can enjoy while enjoying the beautiful hilly atmosphere. However, don't forget to keep it clean and don't litter. Parking facilities, toilets, playgrounds, and gazebos are available to relax in the midst of the natural panorama.

You can enjoy all the exciting activities at Bukit Khayangan with your family, friends, or even solo traveling. You can take a comfortable trip so that this Bukit Khayangan tourist location is indeed suitable for various ages.


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