Wednesday, August 18, 2021

The Beauty Attraction of Taruma Leisure Waterpark in Kerawang West Java

Karawang is a district in the province of West Java. This district is directly adjacent to Purwakarta and Bogor. Even though it is not very big, Karawang is known as an industrial city because of its many factories and thousands of employees.

There are many unique things in Karawang such as the famous culinary specialty, Fish Cork. The incident occurred at Rengasdengklok in Karawang until the rocking of Karawang emerged from the habits of mothers and young women who were busy pounding rice.

There is one more thing that should not be forgotten, namely the tourist attractions in Karawang are spread out beautifully. One of them is the Taruma Leisure Waterpark tourist destination in Sukamakmur, Kerawang, West Java.

Traveling to visit water games will indeed become a mainstream holiday activity. But that will not happen if you and your family visit Taruma Leisure Waterpark​. This water tourist spot in Karawang district can be a fun recreational facility to fill weekends and long holidays.

Taruma Leisure Waterpark has become a waterpark tourist attraction that offers a variety of interesting and challenging rides since 2013. This waterpark is still the main choice for people from Karawang, West Java to enjoy a holiday. Especially with offers in the form of various water rides that are served in a comfortable and easily accessible situation.

This waterpark-themed tourist spot becomes quite crowded when the holidays arrive. Suitable for a family vacation which has a position in the middle of the city in an integrated residential area. This makes it have a cool and refreshing atmosphere. Taruma Leisure Waterpark accommodates various rides for every family. There are several rides such as water slide, kiddy pool, wave pool to leisure pool.

The manager has provided several facilities that can support the existence of this waterpark in order to increase the excitement of visitors. These include rental lockers, rinse rooms and health posts. There is also a prayer room, toilets and a large parking area that ensures the comfort of the visitors. There are also relaxing seats or beach chairs to sit back and relax and sunbathe.

This waterpark also provides rental facilities for game facilities or accessories such as water tubes, life fests and others. Not to forget, visitors can also enjoy culinary delights at Cibang Cibung Café or food booths inside this waterpark. For security, this waterpark is equipped with a safety supervisor or life guard. There is also a stage or stage complete with on-demand tents provided for gatherings.

Taruma Leisure Waterpark Tourism Object in Sukamakmur Kerawang, West Java, which is located at Grand Taruma Housing, West Karawang Toll Access Road, Karawang Regency. The choice of location in the Grand Taruma Housing, where the Grand Taruma Housing is an integrated residential area that has been established and widely known since several years ago. Tourist attractions in Karawang Regency with modern recreational facilities but affordable by all levels of society.

Taruma Leisure Waterpark is located on Jalan Tarumanegara, Grand Taruma Housing. To be able to visit this tourist spot the ticket fee is Rp. 50,000 per person on Monday to Friday and on weekends or holidays Rp. 65,000.


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