Wednesday, July 7, 2021

The Beauty and History of Teluk Bogam Beach, Southeast Kalimantan

Teluk Bogam Village is one of the coastal villages in Kumai District, West Kotawaringin (Kobar) Regency, the advantage of the existence of the village being a tourist destination because it has a beautiful stretch of sand in the middle of the beach with the name Gosong Baras Basah.

Gosong Baras Basah is a 3 km stretch of white sand which is one of the beach tourism destinations in Teluk Bogam Village. And it was also acknowledged by village officials and the community that the existence of Gosong Baras Basah was able to boost the economy of a total of 443 families (KK) or 1500 inhabitants of Teluk Bogam Village, because on holidays or holidays hundreds or even thousands of people came to visit Teluk Bogam Village to enjoy beautiful panorama and sunset on the beach.

The head of Teluk Bogam Village, Syahrian explained that since 1991 Teluk Bogam Village began to be visited by tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the beach and Gosong Baras Basah, currently on holidays or Sundays the most visitors are around 400 to 500 visitors, but if Eid and the year new number of visits reached thousands.

The name Teluk Bogam Village is taken from the condition and shape of the village area in the bay with a promontory called Tanjung Penghujan while the bay area is overgrown with Bogam trunks, the tree is almost the same type as mangrove trees. the village with the name Teluk Bogam.

Behind its beauty, not many know the history of Bogam Bay itself. Actually, this one village was once a residence for 1934 people, before it was finally converted into a definitive village. The majority of the population comes from the Bugis tribe. This statement is reinforced by the discovery of the tomb of the late. Andi Manasa.

Many tourists wonder why this one bay is so special compared to other bays in the area. But when you visit there in person, you can find out the reason behind its privileges. Because in this place, tourists will be presented with the charm of the beauty of the sunset and sunrise at the same time.

This unique phenomenon is a rare event and will never be found in other marine tourism spots. Then the surrounding community also believes that this phenomenon is the spirit of the attractiveness of its beautiful beaches. This uniqueness has succeeded in attracting the attention of people from all over the country.

Some distance off the coast, there is a seagrass meadow which is a dugong area foraging for food. In the past, many dugongs were hunted by fishermen from Bogam Bay. However, currently public awareness is high so that the seagrass is actually bred for dugong food. To be able to see the dugong requires a struggle, but try asking the fishermen. Who knows, you might be lucky to capture the activities of these cute creatures in the waters of Bogam Bay.

To reach Bogam Bay from Pangkalan Bun City, it can be reached by road for 2 hours. Although the Bogam Bay Beach tourist attraction has not been packaged optimally, this place is never empty of tourists, it is also hoped that the government will pay more attention to the infrastructure of the tourist area on the beach so that later it can become one of the comfortable tourist areas and is known by local and foreign people. Kalimantan.


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