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Singosari Temple Proof of Singosari Kingdom Legacy

Malang is a tourist area with various destinations. Starting from recreational parks, mountains, agro-tourism, to history, everything can be found in Malang. One of the interesting destinations to explore is the temple. In Malang there are a number of temples that keep their own historical stories. The temple in Malang is proof of the glory of the kingdom in this area. The temples in Malang are dominated by temples from the Singosari kingdom which had triumphed in its time.

Singosari Temple was built with a shape resembling a pyramid, the stones are arranged from bottom to top and then carved with the upper part smaller than the lower part of the temple. The parts of the temple have a function that has its own meaning. Batur (foundation), the foot of the temple, the body of the temple and the roof have different functions.

The Batur section serves as the foundation that became the pillar of the establishment of the Singosari Temple. The foot of the Singosari Temple is the space of the niches that exist here. In addition, there is a statue of Resi Agastya who is believed to be the spreader of Hinduism from India to Java. The body of Singosari Temple is intentionally left blank, this is to honor the holy spirits in Singosari Temple. While at the top of this temple is provided the burial place of the gods and goddesses embraced by the Hindu-Buddhist religion.

The reliefs engraved on Singosari Temple are mostly in the form of flowers and animals. One of the animal reliefs is in the form of a lion with sculptures facing each other. There is also a network bird, which is a bird that is believed to have lived at the time this temple was built. Sculptures of scary faces called Muka Kala or Kirti Murka also adorn Singosari Temple. This sculpture serves as an exorcist of evil spirits that will come to bring disaster to Singosari Temple.

For tourists from the city of Malang, they are no longer confused to visit the Singosari Temple Tourism location in Malang. However, what about tourists from out of town and even abroad, of course they are confused and afraid to get lost.  But don't worry, for tourists outside the poor city, I have a solution so you don't get lost. Of course, what means of transportation do you use to travel to Singosari Malang Temple Tourism, my advice is to use a private vehicle such as: a private car or motorbike. You can ask for directions to Singosari Malang Temple Tourism on google maps installed on your smartphone.

Because using a private vehicle will be more fun than using public transportation. However, if you use public transportation, such as: public buses or travel buses, it's also not a big problem, because you can stop at the Singosari city or village bus terminal and ask people or the driver, I have to ride especially if you want to go to Singosari Temple Malang.


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