Monday, July 5, 2021

Heart Shaped curve at Payangan Beach Jember

Jember Regency in East Java Province has the charm of its natural beauty, especially beach tourism. Beaches with beautiful landscapes adorn the south side of the district with an area of ​​about 3,293 square kilometers.

The famous tourist attractions in Jember are not only Papuma or Watu Ulo beaches. There is one more beach that is good but unfortunately not maintained. Shadow that's his name. This beach is an area favored by fishermen. So you can buy the catch of fish directly at the fishermen. This beach is still quiet, there are only fishermen passing by to catch fish. One of the Jember beaches that has a stunning panorama like heaven is Payangan.

Payangan Beach is very unique because it has 4 beaches, 3 hills and 1 island. The beauty of the location here lies in the rays of the sunset. When it was evening and the sun was starting to set. This beach will feel very beautiful. 3 hills covered by yellow meadows unite with the color of the sunset. The color of the sand here is black and is perfect for those of you who want to spend the night here to hunt for the sunrise in the morning.

This beach is located in Payangan Hamlet, Sumberrejo Village, Ambulu District, Jember Regency. The distance from Jember City is approximately 32 kilometers with a travel time of about one hour. The beauty of Payangan is not only presented in the black sand beaches. There are small hills that tourists can climb, namely Seruni, Samboja, and Suroyo. From there, a unique and distinctive panorama of beauty is presented.

To get to the location can be traveled by car or motorbike. The price for parking at this tourist location is only IDR 3500 for motorbikes and IDR 5000 for cars. If you want to take public transportation, it is not yet available. But there are motorcycle taxis that can take you there. Or you can take a vehicle that goes to the location.

The route to Payangan beach, if you are from the city take the direction to Ambulu. Arriving at the Ambulu intersection, take a southbound direction and follow the directions to Watu Ulo. Just go straight until you get stuck, you will arrive at the beach location in Payangan. Arriving at the location you will be confused, because here there are 3 beaches. On the northern coast there is a curved beach and has black sand. While in the middle of the beach has beautiful rocks. And to the south there is a savanna that is often used by visitors for camping. And there are many fishing boats that are neatly arranged.

Don't worry about facilities. At this location, several facilities have been provided such as toilets, parking lots, camping areas, and stalls selling food, etc. The facilities that all provide are local residents. If only the government wanted to manage it well, this place would become famous like other beach tourism in Jember. If you intend to go to Jember, don't miss this tourist destination.


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