Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Enjoy the Beauty of the Flower Garden at the Foot of Mount Tomohon, Manado

The city of Tomohon in North Sulawesi does have a variety of exotic tourist objects. The city is located in a mountainous area. The mountainous topography with hilly land contours seems to make this city a charming natural tourism potential. For example, Mount Lokon, Mount Mahawu and Lake Linow Lahendong have always been the incarnation of tourists when visiting this city.

The advantages of Tomohon are not only limited to its natural scenery, but also its climate. Due to its geographical location, Tomohon has a cool climate and has soil suitable for cultivating flowers, fruits and vegetables. Several years ago, since the Tomohon International Flower Festival (TIFF) was held, it turned out that this city had a new tourist attraction, the flower field. Both boys and girls, definitely like to see the beauty of flowers or flower gardens. In fact, many people are willing to come all the way just to see the beautiful flowers when they are blooming.

The natural condition of Tomohon which is at 900-1100 masl (sea level) also causes this city to be cool with weather ranging from 18-20 degrees Celsius. Like cities with cool air such as Batu (Malang), Lembang (Bandung), Puncak (Bogor), and Berastagi (Medan), flowers thrive in the cool air. Tomohon is also known as the city of flowers because of the abundant flower production in the area.

If we go there in Julia or August, we are lucky because around that month the world flower parade titled Tomohon International Flower Festival (TIFF) is held. This international scale festival which has been held since 2010 features vehicles decorated with magnificent flowers and aromatics that will pass through the main streets of this city. The participants came from several districts in North Sulawesi, institutions and large companies in Indonesia. Countries such as Singapore, Australia, and Japan have also participated in this festival which is able to absorb as many as 200 thousand tourists per event.

After being satisfied with enjoying the beautiful flower gardens and views of Tomohon from a height, it's incomplete if you don't fill your stomach. No need to worry. Although at the foot of Lokon, the manager provides a variety of snacks and drinks. You must fill your stomach because the cold mountain air will definitely make your stomach want to be filled immediately. A special wooden building is provided for visitors to relax while enjoying a variety of foods.

The food menu is diverse. There are various noodles that cost only Rp. 25 thousand per serving. For those who like fried food, there are fried bananas and various sweet potatoes. The price is IDR 15 thousand per portion. Drink it, just choose, coffee, milk, milk coffee and tea are available. Various drinks cost only Rp. 10 thousand per glass. While enjoying the warm food and drinks, you can still enjoy the beauty of the flower garden and the view of Tomohon in the distance.

In this city there is also a market, here you can find various activities such as flower sellers, extreme food sellers such as rats, bats, dogs, etc. Don't worry, cooked mice are also not mice that often roam the house. However, the type of field rat or forest rat that looks bigger.

Maybe you are not used to eating these foods, but for local residents, these foods are very delicious food. The food here is all interesting to try. Try to eat brenebon soup. This soup containing red beans is indeed very suitable to be eaten while warm in the cold Tomohon air.


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