Thursday, July 1, 2021

Don't Miss Vacation to Malang Night Paradise with Family

Malang Night Paradise is the biggest night tour in East Java that offers the beauty of the sparkling LED light garden and lantern garden, and is the only photo spot with international standards. Malang Night Paradise is built with a quality playground that can spoil the eyes and make you immediately capture the moment. There are many rides that can be used by all ages, rides that are sought after by visitors include: Magic Journey 2, Roemah 147, Adventure land, and the Ganesya Museum.

Since its opening in 2017, Malang Night Paradise has become one of the magnets for tourists who come to Malang City. This place presents the beauty of lanterns as the main attraction. The atmosphere is almost similar to Rainbow Park in Monjali, Yogyakarta. However, this park has other tourist rides that are no less interesting at night. If you first enter this tourist area, you will be presented with the words Malang Night Paradise which is equipped with many lanterns with various colors. This tour also has the theme of an educational aspect by combining art, technology that looks artistic.

There are so many very interesting photo spots in Malang Night Paradise with so many lanterns that make a very beautiful impression when seen. One of the rides that is used as a photo spot is the lantern park. Here the visitors will be shown with various kinds of lanterns with different shapes of lanterns. Examples are flower lanterns that bloom and can bud by themselves. In addition, visitors will be served again with peacock lanterns that can rotate.

Visitors will feel like being in a fairy tale when visiting Malang Night Paradise, because this place is decorated in such a way that it resembles a fairy tale land that can attract the attention of visitors. There are also lanterns in the form of a Colosseum with the characteristics of certain countries and historical buildings. In this lantern, visitors can take pictures with a very interesting background equipped with a Lighting Tunnel. This photo spot is a tunnel with light attractions that can attract attention. Lots of LED lights are installed in this tunnel, which colors can be changed according to the music being played.

Here for families who are taking their children, apart from vacationing, playing and having fun, you can also learn about history and various ancient animals. In each spot there will be one ancient animal complete with an information board regarding its existence. The dinosaurs themselves are made with amazing detail. This dinosaur replica is also equipped with robotic technology so that it will give a life-like impression and can sound like the real thing. This dinosaur replica is also equipped with sensors, if visitors approach and touch the dinosaur replica, it will respond by giving a wink, turning and making a sound. Not only that, there are replicas that can also be ridden and used to get around the visitors who come.

It's a shame if you've been to Malang but haven't visited this one place. The Magic Journal is sure to make you happy. The location is also strategic, close to hotels and other tours. Welcome and have fun.


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