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Attractions of Buen Retiro Park Destinations Madrid Spain

Who is not familiar with the city of Madrid which is the largest city in the Spanish capital? The city, which is located on the Manzanares River, precisely in the middle of Spain, attracts many tourists because there is one of the most popular football clubs, Real Madrid, which has so many fans around the world.

Madrid is the capital and largest city in Spain. The city is located on the Manzanares River in the central part of Spain. The total population of this 607 km² city is 3,228 million people (July 2005), whereas if the metropolitan area is calculated it can reach 5.843 million people. Madrid's location and history make it a center of financial and political activity in the Iberian Peninsula, especially after the return of democracy in 1975 and its integration into the European Union.

The mayor of Madrid is Manuela Carmena. The residents of Madridistas are often also called madrileƱos. 63.5% of the population is Catholic, 8% is Muslim (mainly Sunni) while the rest are Hindu, Buddhist, Protestant, or non-religious.

Spain is a country with a million charms. Like other European countries, Spain has a different appeal. With the friendliness of the local people coupled with the beauty of the destination that is displayed as if it is spoiling as far as the eye can see. This time I will share references to tourist destinations that are a pity to miss when visiting Spain

Traveling around Madrid will certainly be more fun by including Retiro Park in your list of vacation destinations. Some tourists may not be too familiar with the park, which was once a palace garden. This tourist attraction is very comfortable and can provide the tranquility that visitors are looking for to get away for a moment from the noise and busy life of the city. The main charm of this location is the fountain and its beautiful lake along with the surrounding panorama that seems to bring endless coolness.

The green heart of Madrid and full of elegant gardens, Retiro is just a few steps east of the Prado and was a royal property until the late 19th century when it opened to the public.
If you're visiting with small children, paddling on the Grand Pond next to the Alfonso XII monument is a fun option on a sunny afternoon.

The iron and glass pavilion built to house the Philippines Exhibition in 1887 is magnificent and growing in the pond in front of it is a bald cypress, a whimsical swamp tree that turns a beautiful golden brown color in summer.
The oldest tree in town is nearby: The Montezuma spruce planted in 1633 and surrounded by an iron fence.

Retiro Park was created with a variety of beauties. After enjoying the fragrance of roses and the beauty of the Fountain of the Falling Angel, turn your eyes to the south. The Palacio de Cristal or Palace of Glass stands majestically, a place where it is often used for art exhibitions. This place was built in 1887. In addition, in this park Travelers will also find a museum of 19th and 20th century paintings and a military museum.

Currently, every weekend this park is always crowded with musicians and artists from various circles, fortune tellers and other attractions. The garden panorama is indeed very beautiful and contains elements of amazing art. Near the north entrance, Travelers will see a large lake and a statue of King Alfonso XII. In addition, Travelers will find the Rosaleda rose garden which is very amazing.

The fragrance of more than 4,000 roses in this rosadela adds to the beauty and comfort of the atmosphere. The fragrance of these roses makes many tourists happy to linger in this area. Then, behind the grove of rose bushes, Travelers will find a fountain called the Fountain of the Falling Angel, where the existence of this fountain describes the fall of Lucifer from heaven.

This Buen Retiro Park tourist spot is open every day from 07.00-24.00 in summer, while in winter the park is only open until 22.00.


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