Monday, July 19, 2021

Attractions of Bhakti Alam Agrotourism in Pasuruan

Pasuruan Regency in East Java is indeed no less interesting than other districts there. In addition, for those of you who like nature tourism, there you can find many enchanting natural attractions. Vacationing sometimes looks like an activity that is not really needed, but actually a vacation is necessary, especially after you are struggling with work that makes fatigue build up in your mind. The function of the vacation itself that is useful is that it is indeed to refresh the mind and not waste money.

In Pasuruan, East Java, there is an agro-tourism that is a mainstay. Namely, Bhakti Alam Agrotourism, which is located in Ngembal Village. What is characteristic of Bhakti Alam Agrotourism is the durian fruit which is famous for being sweet and very delicious. Besides being able to taste the existing fruits, there are several other rides that you can enjoy.

This tourist attraction in Pasuruan is a fruit tourism vehicle which is located on an area of ​​​​approximately 60 hectares. At Bhakti Alam Tourism itself you can find at least about 15 types of fruits that thrive. The fruits there include mango, durian, longan, dragon, orange, melon, watermelon, and many others.

With the assistance of the officers there, you can immediately pick ripe fruit. This tour is perfect for you and also children who want to learn how to grow fruit and how to care for them to produce fruit. While traveling, you at the same time gain knowledge.

The location of Bhakti Alam Agrotourism is located on Jl. Bhakti Alam Ngembal Village, Tutur District, Pasuruan, East Java. The route to Bhakti Alam if you move from Surabaya will take about 30 km, by directing your vehicle to the Purwosari T-junction. Then turn left to go to Probolinggo. Then continue to drive your vehicle following the road directions provided. The path is uphill because it is at an altitude of about 550 meters above sea level, so make sure your vehicle is in good condition.

The operational hours of Agrowisata Bhakti Alam are open every Tuesday to Sunday from 08.30 to 15.30 in the afternoon. As for Monday, this tourist location is closed. Every visitor who comes will be facilitated by a tourist train to circle the Bhakti Alam Agrotourism area, but because it is currently still in a state of the Covid-19 Pandemic, this facility is abolished. So you can go around the area using the vehicle you bring. And after paying the entrance ticket you will get a goodie bag containing food and soft drinks. In addition, you will also get a meal voucher at the canteen that has been provided.

In addition to seeing a very large fruit garden and a beautiful flower garden, Bhakti Alam Agrotourism also keeps several animals, where you can interact directly with them. What visitors like the most is when visiting the cowshed, where you can milk the cows and try the yogurt. Bhakti Alam Agrotourism has its own cow's milk processing factory.

Once satisfied to enjoy the existing rides, take the time to visit a very beautiful park. The garden is decorated with cute and colorful shapes, sure to make your photos cooler.


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