Wednesday, June 30, 2021

The Historical Site of Otanaha Fort in Gorontalo, Which is a Silent Witness to the Indonesian Struggle

Gorontalo became one of the centers of Islamic civilization several centuries ago, considering that in this area the oldest Islamic kingdom in the archipelago was founded, it is not surprising. If this place is nicknamed the Veranda of Medina, considering that this place also has its own contribution and story about the spread of Islam at that time. However, Gorontalo also has a variety of interesting tourist attractions for you to visit. One of the Gorontalo tourist destinations that you must visit while on vacation is Otanaha Fort.

Otanaha Fort is a fort located on a hill in Dembe 1 Village, Kota Barat District, Gorontalo City. This fort was built around 1522. Otanaha fort is located on a hill, and has 4 stopovers and 348 steps to the top to the fort site. The number of steps is not the same for each stopover.

From base to stopover I there are 52 steps, to stopover II there are 83 stairs, to stopover III there are 53 stairs, and to stopover IV has 89 steps. Meanwhile, to the fort area there are 71 steps, so the total number of steps is 348.

Although the journey to reach Otanaha Fort is very tiring, but once tourists arrive at the fort, the fatigue seems to be vanished by the panoramic beauty around the fort. From that place, tourists can also see the beauty of Lake Limboto from the top of the fort.

Lake Limboto itself will look even more beautiful if only it can be free from water hyacinth. But this Otanaha complex has an attraction that is a variety of birds with bustling chirping. Traveling to this place should be in the morning or evening because it supports good light for taking photos at tourist sites. There are many visitors who like or have a hobby of photography and hunt for the uniqueness it has to offer.

Being a historical site that can also be used as a tourist, Otanaha Fort in Gorontalo holds many stories. No wonder if local residents or other visitors come to find out how the shape and uniqueness of this fort. Not only that, but the fort is also evidence of the arrival of the Portuguese in Indonesia which is also a witness of the struggle of the people of Gorontalo to fight against them.

There is one unique thing that the fort has, namely the fact that the process of making this fort uses stone materials which are glued together using white Maleo bird eggs. Of course, it is an amazing thing because until now it is still strong and has become a historical tourism known by the wider community.

The distance of Otanaha Fort is about 8 km from the center of Gorontalo City. There is also a Soekarno Seaplane landing museum on the shores of Lake Limboto which can be visited after enjoying the charm of the surrounding natural scenery. Otanaha Fort also offers a good spot for visitors who like photography.

Visiting the fort only costs Rp. 2000 only per person. Open every day and not just holidays. Many visitors praise the existence of this tourist attraction because it is a good place to learn history. Especially for history itself where there is physical evidence that it is not just fantasy. This fort has a special historical value.


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