Thursday, June 24, 2021

The Enchantment of the Beautiful Kedung Peti Waterfall in Bojonegoro

In Bojonegoro there are many tourist destinations, one of which is the hidden Kedung Peti Waterfall which is located in Gaplok Hamlet, Ketileng Village, Malo District. Malo District has been known as a producer of quality pottery. In fact, there is a pottery educational tour that is growing rapidly in Malo. However, not many know that Malo also has beautiful natural tourist destinations.

Still rarely people visit this place. taste, quite far from the city center. To get to the location of Kedung Peti Waterfall from downtown Bojonegoro it takes 40 minutes to 1 hour with a distance of approximately 25 KM. When in the village, asking the residents for the location, they must be shown.

Kedung Peti has the farthest distance of about 1 hour from downtown Bojonegoro. After crossing the Malo bridge, tourists need to go a little deeper into the forest area in Ketileng Village. Even though the location is in a forest zone, this actually makes the expedition to the tourist attraction interesting. The natural panorama that is presented is so beautiful. The shady and fresh natural atmosphere is very pleasing to the eye. Located in the middle of the forest, there is a very beautiful and cool natural scenery, in this waterfall area you can still hear various sounds of birds calling to each other.

Approaching the location of the waterfall, visitors will find a river flow. This river will be the reference for visitors to go to the location of the Kedung Peti waterfall. The direction of the river flow is opposite to the waterfall tourist location. So visitors only need to go down the opposite flow of the river.

The long journey paid off when the sound of the waterfall began to be heard, the steep rock descending as if it became an easy step to climb. There is nothing wrong if your adventure agenda includes Kedung Peti as the goal, it is more fun when done in groups. Because it is located in the middle of a forest area, visitors need to maintain cleanliness. For those who want to visit there, it is recommended to bring a plastic bag as a trash can.

If you want to visit in the dry season, the route will be easier, but the amount of water that will be enjoyed from the waterfall looks very little. Unlike during the rainy season, the waterfall will be heavy but the route will be a little difficult and slippery. So remember to use good footwear and prepare a change of clothes.

Visitors are also expected to avoid visiting too late. Because the Kedung Peti waterfall area is really in the middle of a small forest without lighting and other supporting facilities. Because the position of the waterfall is located in a forest area, visitors need to maintain and protect its beauty. For those of you who plan to visit, it is highly recommended to bring a bag for trash so you don't litter.

If you are unsure where to go on vacation today, Kedung Peti Waterfall can be used as an option because it not only presents a charming natural panorama, the atmosphere in the location area is also still very beautiful.


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