Saturday, June 19, 2021

The Beauty of Lake Toba in Medan West Sumatra

 Vacationing is one of the fun activities and is eagerly awaited by many people. Better if done together with loved ones. Vacations are often used as a moment for parents who are too busy with work in the office to get closer to their children. One of the vacation destinations that can be visited in Indonesia is the city of Medan.

Medan City is the capital city of Sumatra Province, Indonesia, which is the third largest city after Jakarta and Surabaya. It should be noted that the city of Medan is said to be the gateway to the western part of Indonesia with the existence of Kuala Namu International Airport and Belawan Port. To be able to take a vacation in the city of Medan, it is usually done by plane. The number of tourist attractions owned by the city of Medan, not infrequently foreign tourists come to enjoy it.

In the area with the nickname City of History, there are not a few tourist attractions that you can visit with your family which of course will give a different meaning and impression when visiting it compared to other cities. Lake Toba is one of the famous tourist icons in Medan.

Surely this Lake Toba tour has been widely known in various circles and regions. Lake Toba is one of the tourist destinations in the city of Medan that you must visit with your beloved family. Not a few books that have told about Lake Toba, which is the largest lake in Indonesia.

Almost every day, this Lake Toba tour is always crowded with visitors, both local and foreign tourists. The tourist location of Lake Toba which is located in the Bukit Barisan mountains allows you and your family to also enjoy the natural beauty of the Bukit Barisan mountains.

Lake Toba was the site of a super-massive volcanic eruption of magnitude VEI 8 around 69,000 to 77,000 years ago, which triggered global climate change. Current dating methods establish that 74,000 years ago is more accurate. This eruption was the largest explosive explosion on Earth in the last 25 million years. According to the Toba catastrophe theory, this eruption had a major impact on human populations worldwide; a major impact on all living human beings and it is believed to know the population in east Africa and India the population of the world's human population is now up to.

Strolling around the lake at the end of the cycle path you will find a hot spring called Aek Ranget by locals. This hot spring is an attraction for foreign tourists on Lake Toba. This bath is on the highest peak of this largest lake. You can soak and bathe in this warm water bath. This warm water flows directly from the height of Mount Buhit.

In addition to presenting a beautiful panorama of Lake Toba from a height, this area with an area twice the size of Singapore gives you an extraordinary holiday sensation and is different from other tourist attractions. With a row of hills and Mount Merapi, it becomes a very beautiful natural panorama.

This largest volcanic lake is a lake formed from the three eruptions of Mount Merapi on Mount Toba. The eruption that occurred was so large that it formed the lake which is now popularly known as Toba. The existence of Samosir Island in the middle of this lake makes this place more unique and attracts tourists. Visitors can also enjoy views of the pine forest that are not instagramable.


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