Monday, June 14, 2021

Lombok Pusuk Forest With Hundreds Of Monkeys And Beautiful Scenery

The charm of Lombok does not stop at the beaches. The cuisine also keeps the tongue swaying, for example Taliwang Chicken combined with Kangkung Pelencing. There is also the Pusuk Forest which can be an adrenaline-pumping natural tourism option.

This Pusuk Forest Tour offers natural beauty in the form of a forest that is still covered with lush green trees. With many steep cliffs and in certain spots tourists can also see the beauty of the beaches in North Lombok from the highest peak of the Pusuk Tourism Forest area or commonly called the Pusuk Pass. With an altitude of about 1000 meters above sea level, Pusuk Pass offers a cool atmosphere with fresh air typical of mountainous areas.

In Pusuk there are hundreds of monkeys who are always loyal waiting on the side of the road to be fed by passers-by passing by the winding roads. The road in Pusuk does look like a peak area that offers different sensations for motorists and foreign tourists. A lush protected forest and the sounds of nature accompanying the monkeys lining the roadside. It deserves to be called Pusuk Pass. Don't forget to bring bananas when you visit Pusuk.

Pusuk Forest is one of the natural attractions in Lombok which offers the charm of a forest complete with animals in it. In the forest, which is part of the Mount Rinjani National Park, you will find a herd of monkeys roaming freely. No need to worry about being disturbed by the monkeys, because they are already tame. They also seem to have gotten used to seeing visitors passing by. That way, as long as they don't bother them, they won't bother you either.

It's not the monkeys that make visitors to this forest pump up their adrenaline, but because the tourist route is in the same line as the hiking trail to Mount Rinjani. Thus, it is not surprising that climbers will stop by for a moment to see the beauty of this forest.

Pusuk Pass is located in the west, which is also the gateway to Mount Rinjani. In this place we will see there are many people who trade on the outskirts. This forest makes tourists challenged to interact directly by walking along it.

In this forest there is a myth that many local people believe. With this myth, it actually makes a good habit for visitors. This myth is believed by the people around the forest, namely if someone throws garbage carelessly, don't expect to be able to find their way back home, aka you will get lost and can't go home.

It is clear that littering is indeed a bad habit, especially in an area where there are many shady trees, it is not a contrast if the forest is beautiful and green but is littered with a lot of garbage. Therefore, this myth is actually very helpful in maintaining the cleanliness of the Baun Pusuk forest.

On the island of Lombok, there are also many caves and bunkers. The Japanese Navy landed on Ampenan Beach on 18 May 1942, followed by the Japanese Army on 12 May 1942 in Labuan Haji. The arrival of Japanese troops marked the end of the Dutch colonialism that had entrenched on the island of Lombok since 1894 through an expedition after the conquest of the Karangasem Kingdom.


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