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Kaolin Lake in Bangka that spoils the eyes like being at the Pole

Bangka Island is a part of the Bangka Belitung Islands Province. This island, which is located on the east side of Sumatra, has a beauty that deserves thumbs up. Not only that, its natural beauty is still pristine and rarely visited by tourists. Some of these beautiful Bangka Island tourist destinations should be your must-do list during your visit. One of the destinations in Bangka that you must visit is Kaolin Lake. This lake is an ex-mining excavation which after years of being abandoned and finally forming a pool of colorful water.

Kaolin Lake, commonly referred to by local residents as Kulong Biru, is located in Nibung Village, Koba District, Central Bangka Regency. Blue Lake is another name for Kaolin Lake because of the beauty of its turquoise blue water and looks sparkling. This bright color contrasts sharply with the surrounding white plains, resulting in an epic scene, especially for the camera lens.

Kaolin is a type of clay resulting from weathering of granite which is used as a material for making plastic, paper to rubber, and Belitung is one of the many areas in Indonesia that has the largest Kaolin reserves. However, currently mining in this place is no longer operating as usual. Gradually it turned out, the hole was filled with water, both from rainwater and from springs at the bottom of the dug hole.

The people of Belitung often refer to the excavated holes from the mining process, both tin and kaolin which have been filled with water, as "kolong" or "kulong". Now, through a natural process, the pit is formed as if it were an artificial lake that has an amazing beauty.

In addition to its beautiful, clear and stunning color, Kaolin Lake also has another uniqueness in the form of two different color shades. Traveler's friends will see the blue and green colors next to each other, adding to the beauty of this natural phenomenon. Meanwhile, the heaps of white sand dug around it seem to give an amazing dramatic effect.

Kaolin Lake is well known among photographers as one of the perfect places to hunt sunrise and sunset. Besides the view, morning and evening are the best times to come here, because the temperature during the day can be very hot. Around the lake, you can find food and beverage vendors. After getting tired of walking around, drinking coconut water by the lake is the most enjoyable thing.

Visitors can also enter the Kaolin Lake area free of charge. At Kaolin Lake, visitors can take as many photos as they want or just relax and enjoy the view of the lake and the cluster of former mines around it. The distance is approximately 60 km from Depati Amir Airport, Pangkalpinang.

For those of you who want to visit Kaolin Lake, you can take it by driving for approximately 60 minutes. When visiting Kaolin Lake, visitors are advised to always be careful because the fragile excavated soil is feared to be prone to landslides. Just a tip, the best time to visit Kaolin Lake is early in the morning. The sunlight shining on the surface of the water will strengthen the blue and green bias, making the scenery here look even more sparkling and charming.


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