Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Enjoying the Magelang Landscape from the Heights of Mount Telomoyo

Tourist destinations in Magelang are not only Borobudur Temple, you know! In fact, there are lots of cool tourist attractions in the city north of Mount Merapi that you can visit.

In one of the most fun cities in Central Java Province, it is blessed with extraordinary landscapes. You will see a lot of natural wealth and stunning scenery, from north to south, west to east. The natural potential to be used as a tourist destination is also very varied, from fun hills, unique river flows, and also beautiful natural panoramas.

If you can't wait to visit the city, which is only a little patient from the city of Yogyakarta, first consider the tourist destinations in Magelang which can be your holiday destination this coming weekend. One of them is Mount Telemoyo.

Mount Telomoyo is the right destination for those of you who want to go to the top of the mountain without having to get tired of walking. That's because the peak of Mount Telomoyo can be reached by motorbike.

There is asphalt road infrastructure available from the foot to the top of Mount Telomoyo that can be passed by motorbikes. The route to the top of the mountain by motorbike can be reached from the G. Telomoyo Tourism Parking Area in Ngablak District, Magelang.

Mount Telomoyo is a mountain located in the districts of Semarang and Magelang, Central Java. This mountain has a height of 1,894 m above sea level and is a strato-shaped volcano (cone) but has never been recorded to erupt. It can be seen from the surrounding cities, such as Salatiga, Ambarawa, and Secang, Magelang.

This mountain is flanked by Mount Merbabu, Mount Andong, Mount Sumbing, and Mount Ungaran. It is formed from the southern side of Mount Soropati which has eroded and collapsed since the Pleistocene. As a result of this collapse, a U-shaped basin was formed which opened to the southeast. Mount Telomoyo emerges south of this depression 600 m from the bottom of the basin.

From the top of Mount Telomoyo, tourists can see the exotic scenery. From there, you can see the expanse of high mountains such as Mount Merapi, Merbabu, Lawu, Sumbing, Sindoro, and Prau. Meanwhile, below will spread the breadth of the lake Rawa Pening.

Reporting from, Mount Telomoyo is also known as the venue for the annual Gantole Telomoyo Cup championship event, whose landing was carried out near Rawa Pening lake.

The trip to the top of Mount Telomoyo is best done in the morning after dawn or in the afternoon. Later you can enjoy the beauty of the sunrise or sunset at the peak which presents views to the east and west.

However, the charm of sunset and sunrise can only be seen when the weather is sunny. If it is foggy or cloudy, then the view in all directions will be blocked. Usually sunny weather is more likely to be obtained in the morning. If you intend to hunt sunrise or sunset, prepare a jacket because the air will feel cold. The height of Mount Telomoyo is indeed below 2,000 meters above sea level, but its location around the mountains and Mount Merbabu makes the cold air typical of the mountain very pronounced.


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