Friday, June 25, 2021

Enjoying the Beauty of Sunset from the Peak of Sianco Hill, Kebumen Purwokerto

For those of you who want to vacation with friends or family this weekend, Purwokerto can be an interesting choice. There are many interesting tourist attractions that you can visit in Purwokerto, ranging from waterfalls, baths, outbound places to mountains. The cool air and attractive scenery make tourist attractions in Purwokerto an okay location to relax after daily activities.

If you are one of those people with the principle "I will take anything for a beautiful sunset", Bukit Sianco is not to be missed. To get here, it took a struggle. The road to the top of the hill is not yet smooth, so make sure your vehicle is in prime condition. Furthermore, visitors can continue with trekking until they reach the top. But don't worry, your long struggle will pay off when you get to the top of the hill. From here, you can see the beautiful city landscape and even the sea can be seen.

If you are a fan of the beauty of the sunset. Try visiting the Bukit Sianco area in Kebumen. This place is now one of the leading tourist destinations in the Purwokerto and Kebumen areas. Many visitors use the Jakarta Purwokerto travel service to get to this place.

If you are in Kebumen and its surroundings, and you want to enjoy a cool afternoon situation accompanied by a beautiful panorama, try to visit Bukit Sianco Kebumen. You can experience beautiful photo spots to document events. You can taste the panorama of the beach and mountains at the same time. The steep and steep journey will feel lost if you have reached the hill of view at the Evidence of Sianco Kebumen.

As dusk approached, the sky turned even more beautiful. Accompanied by a cup of coffee and a plate of fried food or a bowl of hot noodles, your trip will be perfect this time. Don't forget to capture the beautiful moments while you're here. Surely your friends will be jealous when they see this photo of your hits at Bukit Sianco.

Bukit Sianco Kebumen is not far from Ayah Beach in Kebumen. If you are from Purwokerto, therefore you are heading towards Cilacap. You can take the road through the Kroya District, or the Nusawungu District. Then follow the directions to Ayah Beach, and you determine the lane up towards Kalipoh Hamlet, and follow the road guide. Likewise, if you are from Kebumen city, you can go through Gombong and follow the directions to Ayah Beach and go up to Kalipoh Hamlet. Ask people if you are confused.

At Bukit Sianco, Kebumen, there are many spots for attractive poses against a backdrop of exotic natural panoramas that are eye-catching. There is a hill of view to enjoy the sunset with a panoramic view from the east with a panoramic view of the coast and from the west with a panoramic view of the mountains. You can document the events of each journey you take towards the hillside. So, don't miss the events.

We recommend that for those of you who want to visit Bukit Sianco Kebumen, go in the afternoon. There you will be treated to an exotic panorama with the sun going down. The greatest event to document events with sunset situations accompanied by cool mountain air blowing and mediating the heart. To get there you will be charged Rp. 5,000 per person. The cheapest amount for satisfactory results.


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