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Aesthetically Colorful Jodipan Malang Village

Malang is a city in East Java province which is famous as a student city. Not only as a city of students and also as a city of education, Malang is also often dubbed as a culinary city. There are lots of typical Malang snacks that you can buy here. The taste is also very unique and delicious, accompanied by an appetizing appearance.

Besides being located in a strategic place, Malang City is also located in the highlands, so it has a cool air that makes people feel at home there. No wonder the residents and tourists do not get tired of choosing Malang as their holiday destination.

Adjacent to Surabaya, Malang is also famous for its many and good tourist attractions. Even some of them are still untouched by humans, which makes explorers like to come to explore these areas. However, for you as a tourist, you don't need to bother to explore like that. Because there are so many beautiful tourist spots that have been arranged beautifully for you to visit when you are in Malang City. One of them is Jodipan.

Jodipan Colorful Village was inaugurated on September 4, 2016 by the Mayor of Malang H. Mochamad Anton who was accompanied by the Forkopimda of Malang City, the Head of the Malang City PKK TP and also the Regional Secretary of Malang City. The event was also attended by Vice President of PT Indah Paint, Steve A Sugiharto and the students who came up with this idea who are members of GuysPro.

If you want to visit there in the near future, make sure you have prepared a number of contemporary clothes so that your photos look unique. This is because the thematic village offers lots of cute Instagramable spots that will look even more attractive when combined with contemporary clothes. Just as the name suggests, all the buildings in Jodipan Colorful Village are painted in various striking colors, even reaching the roofs and streets of the village.

While walking there, maybe you will feel like you are walking in a fairy tale land because the scenery offered is quite unusual. If you visit when the weather is hot and the sun is hot, you can relax for a moment in the umbrella aisle. The umbrella aisle is a shady area flanked by rows of colorful houses. There, you can take a short break while taking photos on a small path lined with hanging umbrellas.

While in areas filled with other colorful umbrellas, tourists can take pictures at a heart-shaped photo spot decorated with flower bouquets, or a heart-shaped photo spot decorated with colorful fans. Jodipan Colorful Village is located opposite another thematic village called Kampung Tridi.

Jodipan Colorful Village is located in Jodipan Village, Blimbing District. During a pandemic like the current one, make sure that when visiting, keep the Covid-19 prevention health protocols, namely by wearing masks, washing hands with soap, keeping your distance, and not traveling if your fever or body temperature is above 37.3 degrees Celsius.


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