Friday, May 21, 2021

Don't Skip Visiting Boracay While On Vacation To The Philippines

When traveling to the Philippines, take the time to visit Boracay Island. This beautiful island will be a very pleasant vacation spot. Many travelers argue, Boracay Island is a Philippine-style Caribbean.

Countries in Southeast Asia have a lot of wealth and beauty on the islands. Apart from Raja Ampat in Indonesia, Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, and Phi-phi Island in Thailand, in the Philippines there are also beautiful and seductive islands. The island is Boracay Island.

Boracay Island is a small paradise located 315 km from the city of Manila. To reach this island, tourists must make two flights.

The reason is, there are no direct flights to Boracay Island. So like it or not, you have to pass through the city of Manila first.

Various tourist activities can be carried out by tourists on this island. But of course, the main activities are water sports, including jet skiing, banana riding, diving, snorkeling and many more.

Boracay Island is 315 km south of Manila City, the capital of the Philippines. From Manila, the plane will go to Panay Island, the island closest to Barocay, and continue by boat to arrive at Barocay. In addition, there are many travel agency services that will offer you to travel to Barocay Island in Manila City or on Panay Island. Remember, match the money in your pocket!

Upon arrival at Boracay Island, the fatigue seemed to disappear. As far as the eye can see, you can see white sand, clear blue sea water, coral reefs on the seabed, and green forests. The perfect view to make your holiday even more special. There are several interesting beaches to visit, namely White Beach and Bulabog Beach.

As one of the best islands and beaches in the world, the government has imposed several new regulations and bans to preserve Boracay Island. One of these regulations is the limitation on the number of tourists who come. Previously, the number of visitors to Boracay Island reached 40,000 people per day, so now it is limited to only 19,200 visitors. The way to apply this rule is to control the number of rooms available. During the rehabilitation period, the government has urged a number of inadequate hotels and restaurants to close or renovate their properties.

If you are planning to visit Boracay, make sure to book a room at an accredited hotel. You can check the list of accredited accommodation through the official website of the Philippines Tourism Board. In addition, to control the number of tourists entering the government, the government also asked airlines to reduce the number of flights to Kalibo and Caticlan.

Then there is a prohibition for tourists to drink liquor and smoke. Although this rule applies throughout the island, some of the bars that I went to provide and sell liquor and allow guests to smoke. Previously, Boracay was known as a place to party. It is almost the same as Bali, where the cafes hold live music on the beach which makes the Boracay night very lively. However, Boracay's nightlife is far from being a party place. The music from these cafes is far from being noisy. The beach, which was once bright with chandeliers on coconut trees, is now dark. Before 12 o'clock in the evening the island has started to fall asleep. Even so, for me vacationing in Boracay is still very enjoyable.


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