Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Camping Places That Spoil the Eyes of Mount Alesano Bogor

In the last few years, Bogor seems to have continued to bring up new beautiful tourist attractions. Bogor has long been popular with its peak tourism, and over time, peak tourism has now become a lot. Moreover, peak and hilly tours are currently very popular in various regions.

Recently, Bogor has had the newest hilly tourist spots that have hit, including: Pabangbon Tree House, Ranggon Hills, Mustika Manik Peak, and also The Mega Mendung Ranch. Well, besides that, there is a new tour for camping that spoils the eyes of its visitors, the name is Alesano Hill.

Alesano Bogor Hill offers extraordinary natural charm. The typical natural scenery of the hills looks so charming, the air temperature is also very cool, so it is perfect for camping and spending the night there.

Alesano Hill is located in Cipelang Village, Cijeruk District, Bogor Regency. This tourist attraction is located close to the Livestock Embryo Center which is not far from Kampung Pasir, Cijeruk District. To get to this hill, if you depart from Bogor City, it will take you about an hour to drive through the routes of the Empang, Cipaku, Jalan Raya Cihideung, and Cijeruk areas with the benchmark of the Cijeruk Embryo Research Institute, which is about 30 minutes away.

Alesano Hill is nothing but a large camping area, but its management is still carried out independently by the local community. It is located not too far from the crash site of the Sukhoi plane in 2012. The view during the day looks ordinary, but will look beautiful in the morning or evening. From the top of this hill, we can see views up to 360 degrees around it, including Mount Gede Pangrango, a stretch of hills, rice fields, and views of Bogor City with its dense houses.

At night, the scenery on Alesano Hill tends to be shrouded in thick fog and very cold air because the wind is blowing hard. However, when the fog disappears, you will certainly be amazed by the view of Bogor City filled with colorful lights, which makes the night atmosphere a little romantic.

This place itself is indeed one of the amazing spots for camping or camping. To be able to camp while being one with nature, you can bring your own camping equipment from home. However, if you haven't brought it with you, Alesano Hill has also provided rental tools for tents at varying prices, according to their capacity. After seeing the location, you can also order strategic plots to set up tents as well as ask to be paired. So, when you arrive, you will immediately receive it. However, usually the camping time for visitors is limited to 11.00 WIB the next day.

Along with the increasing number of tourists who come to visit, in the Alesano Hill area several supporting facilities have been provided. For those of you who want to pee or wash up, there is a toilet here. Meanwhile, for Muslim tourists who don't want to miss routine worship, the manager of Alesano Hill has also provided a prayer room.

If you forget or don't have time to get ready to bring some food, you don't need to worry. The reason is, on Alesano Hill several stalls have also been established that provide various snacks such as fried bananas and also some warm drinks such as tea and coffee. Meanwhile, those who need to charge the gadget's battery can charge the battery at a shop or base-camp, although sometimes they have to queue with other visitors.


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