Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Ancient Luxury Cathedral in Milan

The Milano Cathedral is one of the most famous buildings in all of Europe. This cathedral (Duomo) is huge and built in Gothic architecture located on the main square in the center of Milano, Italy. This Duomo di Milano is the second largest Roman Catholic cathedral. Only Seville Cathedral is bigger (as is St. Peters Basilica in Rome, which is not a cathedral). This church is 157 meters long and a total of 40,000 people can be comfortably accommodated in it. The large choir windows are known to be the largest in the world.

The design of the Milano street, with the streets that split from the Duomo or surround it, so that the Duomo is located in the most important part of the Roman Mediolanum, namely as a public basilica overlooking the forum. The New Basilica of Saint Ambrose was built on this site at the beginning of the 5th, with an additional basilica built in 836. When both buildings were damaged by fire in 1075, they were rebuilt as the Duomo.

In 1386 the archbishop of Milan, Antonio da Saluzzo, began a new project, in a late, rayonant, more French Gothic style. This coincided with the rise of the archbishops cousin, Gian Galeazzo Visconti to power in Milan, and served as a reward for the aristocracy and working class who had previously been oppressed by the Viscontis predecessor, the tyrant, Barnabò.

The cathedral has a landscaped roof, a hallmark of gothic architecture. In fact, its construction spans 600 years, with dozens of architects involved in the construction of the church which is made of white marble.

One of the unique things about this church is that there are hundreds of statues made of white marble which are carved in detail and neat. The statues are stuck to the walls of the Cathedral.

The marble was imported from Candoglia, a village in Italy. The main door of this cathedral is made of copper along the 10 meters. A carving of the story of Jesus life journey from birth to crucifixion on this door. The sculpture is finely sculpted with perfect human anatomical detail.

There are approximately 135 spiers, 3,400 statues plus 700 relief carvings throughout this cathedral. The statue of various kinds of stories from the Bible, ranging from saints, penance through the cross to the highest statue, is Madonnina. Madonnina is the name for Our Lady among Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians. In this Cathedral Madoninna is located in the highest tower, one of the towers of 135 towers.

To enter the cathedral, visitors must pay 4 Euros - 15 Euros (Rp.64-240 thousand). But if there is not enough time, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the Cathedral from the outside while sitting on the steps inside and watching hundreds of visitors mingling with pigeons.


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