Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Amazing Narusawa Ice Cave on Japan's Mount Fuji

“Mount Fuji” is a volcano that is becoming a popular tourist attraction in Japan. There are many caves around Mount Fuji that were formed due to volcanic activity, for example, Narusawa Hyoketsu Cave and Fugaku Fuketsu Cave. The Narusawa Hyoketsu Cave is famous for its immortal ice pillars. Fugaku Fuketsu Cave is a cave where visitors can feel the cool breeze and the temperature is 3 degrees all year round.

This cave was formed from the eruption of Mount Fuji lava flow that occurred more than 1150 years ago. Then the flow of hot lava descends into Aokigahara and two tunnels are formed which become caves. In 1929, this cave was designed by the Japanese Ministry of Education to become a national natural monument.

Narusawa Hyoketsu Cave is located east of Aokigahara Forest at the foot of Mount Fuji. Its proximity to Fujigoko or 5 lakes around Mount Fuji makes this cave a popular tourist attraction.

After making it through the most difficult part of the cave, we can see the walls on the right and left. This place was used as a storage area in the days before it was created. Now, the ice blocks are laid out in such a way as to re-enact the conditions of the cave at that time.

On the opposite side is a pillar of ice which is very beautiful. Ice of various shapes and is illuminated. The spotlights sparkle like a gemstone. In this place lies a fantastic view accompanied by the cold.

Pillars of ice were formed from water droplets from the ceiling that froze and continued to accumulate. Natural ice begins to form in winter and reaches its maximum height in April. Sometimes there are giant pillars that reach 3 meters.

This amazing pillar of ice is at the turning point out of the cave. We will be greeted with a green forest view as we walk up the stairs. It takes about 15 minutes to explore, from entering to exiting the cave.

The total length of Narusawa Hyoketsu Cave is about 150 meters and the shape is circular so visitors enter and exit the cave through the same door. Be careful when exploring the cave, do not stumble your head as there are many places with low ceilings and the roads are up and down.

Tourists who want to enter must take the stairs to the inside of the cave and enjoy the cold attack from inside the cave. This cave has an average temperature of 3 to 0 degrees Celsius.

Tourists who want to explore this frozen cave can take a bus all the way to Kawaguchiko Station. Tickets that must be paid are 350 Yen, or around Rp. 40,000 for adults. Whereas for children it is 200 Yen or around Rp. 23,000 per child.

In addition, there is the Fugaku Fuketsu Cave which is less than 1 kilometer from the Narusawa Hyoketsu Cave and only takes about 13 minutes of walking. So, we can travel to two caves at once.

Don't miss these two caves when you travel to Mount Fuji Japan.


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