Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Relaxation by Staying at Amarta Hills

Amartahills is located right on the stunning plateau of Batu where you can visit some of the most beautiful tourist destinations in East Java. From breathtaking and scenic views of Mount Bromo to great outdoor activities from rafting and river tubing at the Klakah Shack and to unforgettable travel experiences at Coban Putri.

"Amarta" is a word taken from the story of our ancient cultural heritage. Amarta was previously the place where all the misfortunes and wild surroundings took place and resided, but then when a group of five warriors decided to stay and build a palace. It wasn't long before Amarta became a place of wonder, where prosperity and goodness pervaded all creatures and populations

Nothing compares to the majestic view of our serene mountain and the surrounding scenery. Being here, sitting, and breathing in the mountain air will calm our minds, a feeling of relaxation and a sense of peace will illuminate our senses, giving a feeling of happiness and well-being and warmth to you and your beloved family and friends.

Many tourist attractions are close to the hotel, such as Gubuk Klakah, a village in Poncokusumo District which is famous for its abundant tourist attractions. Located at the foot of Mount Bromo, it is a frequently visited village for its high apple production and stunning views. One of the ways to explore the beauty of the Klakah Hut is to experience rafting and river tubing on the Amprong river that flows through this stunning village. You will need about 48 km from Amartahills to get started

Mount Bromo is part of the Tengger massif, together with Semeru, Batok, and Widodaren, and is situated on a plain called the Sand Sea. Belonging to Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in East Java where you can enjoy panoramic views of greenery to mountains, visit Mount Penanjakan to get the best viewpoint to see the sunrise and see the changing colors of the mountains. It takes about 46 km from Amartahills to enjoy the majesty of the volcanic Mount Bromo.

Coban Putri is one of the few famous waterfalls in Malang where you will be spoiled by its natural beauty and fresh air. The beauty of Coban Putri waterfall is worth visiting because its calm environment will make you amazed while listening to the soothing sound of the waterfall. Even more amazing, you can enjoy every part of Coban Putri by experiencing off-road as its newest feature and driving to enjoy the beautiful scenery. You need about 4 km to reach this princess hair-like waterfall.

Amartahills has Socio Bar and Bistro to be a worthy place for those who prefer Asian cuisine as their favorite menu while dining with a beautiful view of the city of Batu. You will definitely enjoy spending time here as the modern interior and romantic ambiance make it an unforgettable experience for you and your traveling companions. We provide the best deals such as "Happy Hours" and a traditional Javanese dining place, "Angkringan".

Malabar Restaurant as one of 3 restaurant outlets in Amartahills provides menu choices with a taste of Indonesian culture. Our menu varies greatly according to different types of cuisine from different regions of Indonesia, enriched with special ingredients and a mixture of spices with strong flavors that are processed locally to indulge you. You can also sip afternoon tea at this magnificent restaurant and find a coffee lounge available for meetings.

Fifteen Celcius is the perfect place to eat for those who want to taste Western Food while enjoying some quality time with your friends. You can feel the mountain breeze and enjoy our menu which is rich in taste as a characteristic of western food. Fifteen Celsius, as the highest restaurant in Batu, also overlooks the views of Batu city, especially the views of Mount Panderman and Arjuna which are always the right spots to relax and unwind, of course accompanied by live music performances.


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