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Feel the Experience of Staying at the Es Sweden Hotel

The mission of the Icehotel group is to create life-enriching experiences. Stories and momentary encounters that become mementos to remember and share forever. When we started in 1989, the little art gallery grew into a hotel the world had never seen before. It was the beginning of a journey, which took the world to the River Torne, and the River Torne to the world.

Today, 30 years later, we are fortunate to be able to do 365 days a year through two integrated focus areas; Icehotel - a destination with hotels made of ice and snow and the Icehotel Creative Experience with ice bars, events and products around the world.

The most famous is of course the destination and the master brand, Icehotel. The seasonal winter resort expanded in 2016 with the opening of the Icehotel 365, which uses solar power to maintain temperatures of –5 C all year round.

Aiming at creating a total experience for our visitors, we manage adventure and culinary experiences either at home or in close partnership with carefully selected partners.

The origin of the world-famous ice bar concept Icebar by Icehotel and experience of around 30 years of worldwide Ice events.

We first started making ice experiences on behalf of other brands in the 1990s. With a year-round supply of clear arctic ice from the Torne River, unmatched knowledge and a global network of designers, we are commissioned by brands such as Volvo, Chanel, King and Nobel.

Every year, when the Torne River turns to ice, a new Icehotel is created in the small village of Jukkasjärvi in ​​northern Sweden. The river of ice is being transformed into design and architecture - the world's first and largest short art project and a hotel built from snow and ice.

200 km north of Swedens Arctic Circle, the majestic Torne River meanders through ancient mountains and dense forest, to the small village of Jukkasjärvi. One of the last untouched rivers in Europe, she graciously lent us pristine natural ice while she hibernated on her way to shore. In the spring, the sun dilutes the artwork and returns our loans.

Icehotel has been reborn with a new look every year since 1989, when we first built an ice and snow art exhibition that became the kind of hotel the world had never seen before.

Since it first started in 1989, Icehotel has been a short art exhibition centered on the idea of ​​exploring art by introducing ice and snow to creative individuals. All artwork at Icehotel is original and copyright protected.

For us, it's not about coming up with a theme this year or hiring the best ice sculptor. Our role is to collect the most innovative and innovative ideas from around the world, bring them to Jukkasjärvi and provide them with the materials, technical know-how and tools to turn those ideas into actual hotel suites.

From 120-150 proposals, 15-20 were accepted and invited to come to Jukkasjärvi in ​​November to make their designs. Diversity is an important factor, and the panel strives to have a balanced representation of gender, origin, age and experience. Some of the artists are local, while others may have traveled from Asia or South America and have never experienced snow before.

Set in a mix of permanent buildings and seasonal ice, this famous hotel is 0.6 mi from the 18th-century Jukkasjärvi Homestead museum, as well as the Nutti Sámi Siida cultural park and wildebeest.

A simple temporary room made of ice with a platform bed, warm sleeping bag and deerskin; there is a shared bathroom and sauna. The elegant rooms that are available all year round offer free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs and in-room amenities. The permanent ice suite has a private sauna, while the cabin has a kitchenette and living area.

Breakfast is available free of charge. There is also a classy restaurant, a comfortable lounge, and an ice bar. Guided tours are available.


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