Thursday, April 29, 2021

Enchantment and Attraction of Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is one of the villages of 19 villages and sub-districts located in Komodo sub-district, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia. Labuan Bajo was previously a sub-district as well as the capital of Komodo District and is also the capital of West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Now it is being developed into the city of Labuan Bajo.

Not finished in terms of its natural beauty, Labuan Bajo is also able to attract tourists in terms of its culture and local wisdom of local residents. Local residents can combine natural beauty and regional culture to become a tourist attraction. Labuan Bajo is also known as the home of endemic Indonesian animals, namely the Komodo dragons in the Komodo National Park.

Labuan Bajo is increasingly recognized by the Indonesian people, especially with the various open trips offered to explore every corner of the island and its beaches. One that is known in Labuan Bajo besides Komodo Island is Pink Beach or pink sand beach.

You also have to try to get on a yacht for a day trip. This ship departs from the Palataran Komodo Resort and Spa. Engine with a speed of 4,500 rpm, with bedroom, toilet and living room facilities. Of course there is a higher price you have to pay. You can provide a budget of around IDR 20-30 million to rent a one-day boat.

A luxurious vacation in Labuan Bajo can also be done by taking a cruise ship. Unlike the backpacker-style living on board (LoB) that uses a small boat, your luxury vacation will use a cruise ship.

Until now, the most luxurious cruise ship is still held by Lamima, which will sail the waters of Komodo National Park. To rent this boat, you need a budget of 20,000 US dollars per night or around Rp. 280 million for a maximum of 14 guests.

This small town on the westernmost coast of Flores Island has many strategic functions, including:

Central government, district and sub-district capitals. West Manggarai Regent Office, DPRD Office, District Head Office and Government Service Office.

Education center, 4 senior high schools (SMAN 1 Komodo, SMKN 1 Komodo, SPM, Loyola Catholic High School, St. John Paul II Seminary Senior High School), 4 junior high schools (SMPN 1 Komodo, SMPK Loyola, SMPK Arnoldus, MTs)

The trade center, from a long time ago Mbajo (as local people call it) was the berth place for traders from Makassar (Bajo and Bugis), until the construction of a Ferry Pier, PELNI Port, and Komodo Airport.

Tourism Centers, many tourism places are found in Labuan Bajo, among others; Pede Beach, Gorontalo Beach, Puncak Waringin, Batu Cermin Cave, and several beach attractions on the islands around Labuan Bajo, such as; Wae Cicu, Bidadari Island, Batu Gosok / Kanawa, and Komodo National Park.

If you have more budget, you certainly won't waste the experience of staying at the luxury resort of Labuan Bajo. There is one highest resort hotel to date, namely Ayana Komodo Resort Waecicu Beach at a price of around IDR 4 million per night. Of course you will enjoy the many facilities provided by this resort hotel, from delicious food to interesting tourist activities.


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