Sunday, April 11, 2021

Stay and be One With Nature in the Bubble Hotel


The sunrise itself is beautiful, but when you watch it with someone you love, it feels even more incredible.

Here all the meanings of time, no need to be afraid of being late, no need to dress neatly or judge what gifts to give to your loved one. Your marine vacation among wildlife will be your greatest. The first rays of the sun will appear over the horizon, gently on the surface of the ocean. Waves caress the shore, sharing their energy. You will experience an indescribable sense of oneness with nature, watching the sun rise and loving each other.

The ocean is something truly extraordinary. What could be better pleasing to the sound of the sea waves. A few more minutes and the sun came up splitting the world. You realize that the first time you feel joy, that you want to grow, be better, share this joy. The new day brings new thinking and understanding that bubble hotel Bali is a place where you realize the true essence of your existence. It is in inner harmony, in the happiness that you give to the person you love. Here, made love by the wildlife and the oceans, you come back again. After a day or two, you will return to your usual lifestyle as a completely different person.

Do you want to feel yourself in a new way? First you need to remove all the emotions that have accumulated over the months. In our outdoor shower, you will forget everything that ever worried you, leaving only good thoughts and thoughts.

Imagine how clean and clear water washes over your body, with sparkling droplets caressing your skin, pampering and hydrating every cell in your body. That's the feeling of full satisfaction from doing what you've always dreamed of and wanted to do.

Only here at Bubble Hotel Bali, you will feel the sensation of simple life. We do not offer the comforts and services of a five-star hotel, but rather new experiences to help you get to know each other and create life memories.

You may exist there hot bubbles in full sun ? You are right. Due to the special design of the Bubble and its location on the open terrain under the tropical sun, it can be very hot from 10 to 16 pm during the hottest hours of the day, while the temperature indoors is usually comfortable. .

We've found the solution for the hottest hours. Each Bubble has a 'single stage air conditioning system', which provides air with a powerful compressor from the cold room in the forest via an underground pipeline, to your room. In addition, some Bubbles have either air conditioning or a fan, depending on the price (AC is not available everywhere as there is no electricity on the beach).

Your bubbles are nice and attractive all day long, in the morning, evening, and night. Actually heat is not a problem at all! You can sunbathe, play water in the sea, explore the natural forest, or relax in the gazebo under the shade of the trees.


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