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Raffi Ahmad Purchases Cilegon United and Intends to Establish a Football School (SSB)

Raffi Ahmad Purchases Cilegon United and Intends to Establish a Football School (SSB)

Raffi Ahmad,  who doesn't know him, a top artist with the real name Raffi Farid Ahmad. He was born in Bandung, West Java on February 17, 1987. He is the eldest of three children, from the late Munawar Ahmad and Amy Qanita. Although Raffi comes from Bandung, he spent his school years in Jakarta.

He is also recognized as a shining young entrepreneur. With the various achievements and successes he has achieved, it's no wonder this actor and presenter is often dubbed the Sultan of Andara. Raffi Ahmad, who has a hobby of football, has reportedly officially acquired the League 2 club in 2021, Cilegon United. This certainty was discovered after Nagita Slavina's husband uploaded a photo posing with businessman Rudy Salim and Garuda Indonesia Deputy President Director, Dony Oskaria. They were busy holding a beige folder that read Cilegon United.

Cilegon United is a club from Cilegon, Banteng, which was founded in 2012. Although it is still young, Cilegon United has made a breakthrough by being able to win consecutive promotion tickets to appear in League 2.

Kopetisi Liga 2 2021 which may roll out next June. Nabil Husein, owner of Borneo FC club, Arthur Irawan, midfielder for PSS Sleman, Leonard Tupamahu, center-back for Bali United, Shahar Ginanjar, goalkeeper for Dewa United, and PSSI's technical director, Indra Sjafri, who did not want to be left behind to give their support.

According to Kusnaeni, this euphoria makes entrepreneurs or celebrities interested in taking part. The passing of the 2021 Menpora Cup pre-season tournament also aroused euphoria among the public and it made entrepreneurs tempted.

Another reason that stimulates entrepreneurs to be interested in working in the world of football. For example, the success of Bali United in being able to enter the capital market to the presence of President Joko Widodo's son, Kaesang Pangarep, who collaborated with veteran entrepreneur Erick Thohir to take over the Liga 2 club, Persis Solo.

Kusnaeni said that in the end those who are interested in being involved in soccer will realize that the soccer industry in Indonesia still needs time to become a profitable sector. The soccer industry is still considered unable to provide financial benefits for business people in it. He said managing a football club is not as easy as imagined. Kusnaeni explained, football is an industry that is not completely free, but is based on quotas.

Kusnaeni advised that Raffi Ahmad's presence as a new person in the soccer industry should not be disappointed. The husband of Nagita Slavina is considered not to know innards in soccer, so it is necessary to provide information and treats that can make him last in football for a long time.

Nicknamed The Volcano, Cilegon United inhabit the Krakatau Steel Stadium as their headquarters. A number of players who have played there such as Rinto Ali, Eli Nasoka, Jalwandi Jamal, Andi Sopian, to Ade Suhendra.

Not only buying Cilegon United, Raffi Ahmad also wants to establish a Football School (SSB). Through his Youtube channel Rans Entertainment, Raffi said that he has a dream of getting young people in the country to like football and be able to develop new seeds for national football and he has even collaborated with former Indonesian national team player Hamka Hamzah as one of the coaches. academy team. This intention was conveyed by Raffi Ahmad when talking with soccer player Hamka Hamzah. 

Raffi is still discussing and asking for Hamka Hamzah's input regarding what matters need to be prepared to establish the Football School (SSB). Hamka Hamzah stated that educating players from an early age has been a dream for a long time and he hopes to make a valuable contribution to the future of Indonesian football. Moreover, by establishing the Football School (SSB), it will be able to present the talents of young Indonesian footballers.


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