Friday, March 26, 2021

The Rohingya Camp Engulfs the Red Rooster

The Rohingya are an Indo-Aryan ethnic group from Rakhine in Myanmar. Rohingya is ethno-linguistic related to the languages ​​of the Indo-Aryan peoples of India and Bangladesh. According to Rohingya and some religious leaders, they come from Rakhine state. The Rohingya are also a group of the Muslim ethnic minority in Myanmar. To date, more than one million Rohingya people - most of them - live in Rakhine State, western Myanmar, near the border with Bangladesh.

They are not officially recognized by the government as citizens and for decades the country's Buddhist majority have been accused by various groups of discriminating against and violence against them.

Recently, a fire accident occurred on Monday, March 22nd. Big fires break out in the Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh. At least 10,000 shelters for the refugees have been destroyed. Large, fast-spreading fires in Rohingya refugees in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh left 45,000 people homeless, at least 15 dead and 400 missing, according to the UN refugee agency.

The camp is home to about one million ethnic Rohingya, with about 34 camps in all in southeast Bangladesh. Tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslims fled Myanmar after being brutally suppressed in 2017. Patience is spreading fast in the hilly region, home to thousands of temporary homes in Kutalapalong Balukhali.

The flames, which destroyed some 10,000 refugee huts, were the deadliest since more than 740,000 Rohingya fled a military crackdown in Myanmar in 2017. In addition, the United Nations, humanitarian groups and Rohingya leaders said the fence erected by the Bangladesh military this hindered evacuation during a fire and injured refugees who were trying to flee.

By sunset, with most of the fires under control, many aid agencies began addressing the needs of the people who had lost everything in the fires. The fires lasted for 12 hours and burned down the babu huts which were the shelter for the refugees.

Witnesses at the camp said the flames began to appear at around 15.30 local time. Some witnesses believe the flames were caused by an explosion of liquefied petroleum gas canisters, although this has not been confirmed.

In recent weeks, the Bangladeshi government has transferred several thousand Rohingya to remote islands. The relocation sparked protests from human rights groups who say the displacement was involuntary. In addition, the relocation sites for Rohingya refugees are not safe. The Bangladeshi authorities have denied the allegation.

With critical infrastructure including medical facilities and sanitation systems destroyed, there is growing concern about the spread of disease. Despite these efforts, many IDPs still have not regained their tents for 4 days after the fire. They have to endure hot weather and increased humidity. After the fire, currently the refugees are living in emergency tents, hundreds of volunteers are now rebuilding more proper tents.

The Rohingya crisis itself has been going on for a long time. The world is also quite involved in reducing the current crisis. The United Nations and ASEAN are taking part in efforts to resolve the Rohingya crisis. The United Nations has revealed that the Myanmar military action is an act of ethnic eradication that violates humanity. In December 2017, the United Nations passed a resolution calling on the Myanmar government to stop inciting hatred against the Rohingya minority and other minority groups.

In August 2018, 131 lawmakers from Southeast Asia joined in pressing the UN Security Council to bring the Rohingya crisis to the International Criminal Court. However, until now the Rohingya crisis has not been resolved.


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