Saturday, March 27, 2021

Rizieq Shihab Trial is Still Continuing

Terdakwa kasus kerumunan di Petamburan dan Megamendung serta kasus tes usap di RS Ummi Bogor, Rizieq Shihab akhirnya membacakan nota keberatan (eksepsi) dalam persidangan yang digelar tatap muka di wilayah Jakarta Timur. Pengadilan (PN), Jumat (26/3/2021). Namun, sidang pembacaan eksepsi di Pengadilan Negeri Jakarta Timur ini berlangsung secara tertutup dan tidak dapat diikuti oleh publik secara langsung maupun online. Sebelumnya diketahui persidangan digelar secara online dan mendapat penolakan dari Rizieq dan pengacaranya.

Diketahui, kasus Rizieq adalah soal pelanggaran karantina kesehatan di Petamburan, Jakarta, bukan keramaian di bandara. Dalam persidangan kasus itu, Rizieq mengungkapkan keheranannya mengapa massa di bandara tidak ditindak.

At the trial, Rizieq compared other crowds who also violated health protocols but were not prosecuted. In fact, he said that several crowds he judged both violated health protocols and were carried out by national figures, ranging from artists to officials to the president. Openly, Rizieq brought up the crowd that occurred when President Joko Widodo visited Maumere, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). He admitted that he was surprised because the crowd stated that there was no element of violation of the health protocol by the Police.

Moving to the trial of the Ummi Hospital swab test case, Rizieq accused Bogor Mayor Bima Arya Sugiarto of causing a stir about the treatment he was undergoing at Ummi Hospital. Not only that, Rizieq also accused Bima Arya's statements in various media for encouraging the emergence of his own health issues.

Even though it was still running, Rizieq Shihab's team of attorneys protested the panel of judges for holding a closed trial. This was conveyed by Rizieq's attorney, Sugito Atmo Prawiro, who stated that the trial should have been held openly because the public has the right to know and supervise the proceedings.
The trial will continue on Tuesday and Wednesday next week with an agenda of giving the public prosecutor the opportunity to submit a response to the exception read by Rizieq. On Tuesday (30/3), the prosecutor plans to give a response regarding the exception to the Petamburan and Megamendung crowd cases that ensnared Rizieq. The judge also ordered Rizieq to return to the detention cell at the Bareskrim Detention Center for the National Police. The judge then stated that the trial was closed.

After the trial today, the follow-up trial with case number 224 / Pid.B / 2021 / PN.Jkt.Tim and case number 225 / Pid.B / 2021 / PN.Jkt.Tim will be held again on Wednesday (31/3 / 2021) coming.

The series of cases caught him after returning to Indonesia from Saudi Arabia on November 10, 2020. In these cases, Rizieq was also charged with multiple articles. One of them, Rizieq is facing a maximum sentence of imprisonment for 10 years in the case of the Ummi Hospital swab test because he was accused of violating Article 14 paragraphs (1) and (2) and Article 15 of Law Number 1 of 1946 concerning the Criminal Law Regulations Jo article 55 paragraph 1 to the 1st Criminal Code.


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