Sunday, March 28, 2021

Ever Given Cargo Ship is Stuck on the Suez Canal

Ever Given is a Golden class container ship, one of the largest container ships in the world. The ship is owned by Shoei Kisen Kaisha, and was chartered and operated by Taiwanese container freight and shipping company, Evergreen Marine.
The Ever Given, a 224,000-ton container ship nearly reaching the Empire State Building in New York, or 400 meters, ran aground on an Egyptian canal since Tuesday after being stuck due to a gust of 40 knots and a sandstorm that caused low visibility and poor navigation.

Global trade flows have occurred as a result of the incident, but no incidents have been injured, and so far have not been damaged. The failure to free the ship Ever Given has reported material advice by netizens, as quoted by Reuters, March 27, 2021.

One of them is a picture of nine ships trying to move the ship along with two workers dredging 20,000 cubic meters of sand at the bow of the ship. The container ship literally blocks one of the world's main trade routes. Authorities and specialist crews have so far been unable to free the ship.

The blockage sparked global trade fears as other ships going through the Suez Canal were delayed or diverted. At least 100 ships are waiting for their turn to pass through the Suez Canal, Egypt.

The company that regulates the operation of the Suez Canal, the Gulf Agency Company (GAC), said about 42 ships from the central north were waiting to transit the route. Meanwhile, another 64 ships arriving from the south were also forced to wait to transit.

The ship owner's company, Evergreen Marine, explained that the containers entered the Suez Canal on Tuesday morning. The ship tracking website shows that some ships in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans are beginning to change lanes of the routes that will take them through the Suez Canal.

According to the Suez Canal Authority (SCA), every year nearly 19 thousand ships pass through the Suez Canal with a total tonnage reaching 1.17 billion tonnes.

Given the vital nature of this shipping route, it is predicted that the global logistics route between Asia and Europe could be disrupted. Moreover, the Egyptian government said it would take at least two days for the evacuation.

As of Friday night, the evacuation efforts by the authorities in Egypt by dredging 20 thousand cubic feet of sand around the front end of the ship had not succeeded in launching Ever Given again. The cargo ship with the largest spec in the world has just been pulled over from the previous which blocked the canal as of last Wednesday.

According to Evergreen Marine Corp., the shipping company in Taiwan that operates Ever Given, the giant ship was twisted due to sudden strong winds (gusts of wind). Unfortunately, the ship twisted right in the section of the canal which consisted of only one boat passage - only 6 kilometers from the canal mouth - resulting in a two-way flow of ship traffic along the famous 35 kilometers of the canal.

Efforts are being made to free Ever Given from the Suez canal. Initially, the Suez Canal Authority tried to free him by towing Ever Given on eight ships. The result was nil and now they are trying to free it by dredging the plains on both sides of the Suez canal and reducing the load on the Ever Given.


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